Espering- universal simple English without grammar  !

Espering- universal simpl Inglish vizaut gramatik  !

Yes! (english&espering)
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OlgaLar: To be continued.
  "Espering- the simplest and easiest universal language without grammar based on extremely simplified English."
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  An appeal to all !
  The titles on the front cover of these books that we offer you and a couple names mentioned in the summary on the last pages are enough to understand and acknowledge the significance of the whole idea.

  And, there is no need for critics or reviewers; there is no need in expert opinions, whether positive or negative. There is also no need for those who hesitantly look back at others, for example, at the English Spelling Society (British but an international organization for simplifying the English Language), not for those that are blinded by their academic or professional importance and authority.

  There will always people in both those categories, but this project also speaks for itself. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people that have tried to speak Espering in literally every corner of the world have said an approving Yes to it!

  For the first time in human history, every person on the planet is offered a truly universal language- not Esperanto, but a language based on the most commonly used international language English.

  It is much simpler than the EuroEnglish proposed by the European Parliament; it is simpler than Simple English, Blitz English, even Globish and Basic English; it is simpler and easier than even… any Pidgin English.

  It is all because Espering has no grammar at all, except for 9 simplest rules that most people already know. There is nothing to learn in this language. The whole language Espering is contained in its dictionary: from however many words one needs right here and right now to the most comprehensive dictionary of the English language.

  With all its peculiarities, Espering remains a language that is very close to the standard English language, its extremely simplified version that sounds very much like spoken English.

  It is sufficient to say that words are written exactly the way they are pronounced in Espering; and there are only a record (among the leading languages) of 22 letters/sounds, not the 26 letters and over 50 sounds of the English language.

  Thus, thirty percent, if not forty percent, of the world's population that knows English to varying degrees already practically know Espering.

  Not one of the 7000 languages ever to have existed on planet Earth has known such startup capital.

  The material is presented in a way that is engaging and interesting to one and all. It is purposely so, and not because there was no person to present it in a more serious way, which would make it grimly strict and dismally dry, just like so many monographs or dissertations and even textbooks..."for all".
  And, it has all been tested and practiced among all sorts of people literally in every corner of the world.

  The main purpose of these books is to facilitate broad and unhindered spread of the universal language of Espering, comprehensive information about it, and also all the necessary materials to speak in this new language (phrasebooks and dictionaries and so on in a new series called "Language Skills for All" from 3 books so far.

  Everybody is welcome to join in!

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