Espering- universal simple English without grammar  !

Espering- universal simpl Inglish vizaut gramatik  !

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OlgaLar: To be continued.
  "Espering- the simplest and easiest universal language without grammar based on extremely simplified English."
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  Espering? We're All in This Together !

  Espering is a group's Pen Name by the name of this universal language for all on our Earth and also on behalf of all participants, but with 8 young and avid travelers that in 2011 were among other at the start of the project: 2 linguists from France (their interests include global bilingualism), 2 English and 2 Russian teachers from USA, France and Russia; 1 student philologist and 1 programmer from USA.

  Among them is the author of all these espering books.And all they are polyglots that jointly and severally speak fluently English (native for 2) and Espering, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Esperanto, and also 17 more languages- from Interlingua to Indian Quechua or Japanese.

A multilingual Globe and a sheet of Spiraea- Espering logo.

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