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Espering- universal simpl Inglish vizaut gramatik  !
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  "Espering- the simplest and easiest universal language without grammar based on extremely simplified English."
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A pilgrimage along the thorny path of publishing
and beyond thirty three seas

  10 editions of our 3 main books in the original series "Language skills for all !" came out in the Moscow publishing house "Print-Pro" and its printing shop "First Volume":
and About Espering.

  All these 3 books in soft covers are
in English and Russian,
a Phrasebook is also in a pocket format,
and the third book, except soft, in hardcover also.

  The Books have got into reliable hands, and we can not refrain from admiration for the professionalism of all who took part in the release of these 10 editions.
  Special thanks to the Director of the publishing house Print-Pro Pavel Vladimirovich Markov, personally controlled the whole process of publication.

  And problems with this our order proved insurmountable for more than fifty publishers and printing houses literally all around the world:
  from Singapore, New Zealand and India-
    Europe and South Africa transit-
      and to Canada and both Americas.

  But why?! It would seem that everything is simple:
black and white printing,
ordinary format A5 or pocket A6,
print ready pdf layouts of books already with a page layout (by the way, manual!),
and ordering ISBN (unique international edition number),
    so, what problems?

    One publisher precisely formulated them:
  "Because of an indie-authorship pandemic (a global epidemic of amateur's selfpublishing) we have real gross "print output".
  All production lines are set up in this "gross": the standard format 14х21см and many other templates. You were late with your order for a couple of years."

  And exactly: we have A5 but minimal (less than 13x20), or A6 which not everyone has (10х15).
  We allowed the multiplicity of pages in our books not more than 4, but we were offered 8, or 16, and even... 32, that is with the addition (forced by technology tuned to the gross output...) at the end of the books from 4 to ... 16 blank pages- what a go!..

  But the most annoying: simple glue and only glue, so-called Soft Cover Perfect(?!?) Bound.
  But PUR-glue (really perfect) or Sewn Binding (the most perfect) are only for an expensive large, long-run edition with... non-guaranteed distribution of books.

  And then there's a snag with a place for a bar-code with ISBN... only on the back cover at the bottom and in the middle, but otherwise, no-no... that wouldn't suit we at all...

    And then there are a lot of complaints on the Internet:
  "I've had nothing but trouble with printing quality of this...(publisher, frequently CreateSpace where we from the first steps immediately faced with fraudulent imposition of paid services with primitive false pretenses).
  Here are the issues I've had:
1. Cover printing so far off that there was a white strip across the top and the bottom was cut off.
2. Pages at the back of the book faded toward the bottom, as if their printer was running out of ink.
3. Black ink smudged on the pages.
4. Three corner significantly bent on a single book (making it unsellable as new).
5. Some books have wrinkles in some places of book's spine..."

  Not to mention the fact that all these glued one-time reading books, just as if from the global conveyor belt, will fall to pieces soon.

  But Moscow's Print-Pro brilliantly coped with the task.

    And here are our books in our hands.

  Books are books, but they also have a typographic value in that they are sewn with threads and with a glue, what is more stronger and durably, in short, they are a long-life books.
  And most importantly, they are comfortable in reading, since they easily open to all 180 degrees, unlike only glued, even on hot melt, but not on PUR, about which see below.

  In a word, they are just asking to be in hands, and then on the bookshelves. The pocket phrasebooks themselves jump into the pockets. And how, well seen on the photo below:
  on the left a brick 11x12cm of NOT our phrase book in 318 pages, sculped-glued by one Russian publishing house;
  and on the right- our "stitched" product, 10x15cm, in 182 pages, in addition it is easier on 70g, i.e. not only for the pocket of the overalls of the builder, but even for the man's chest pocket or suitable ladies' one.

At ease! By the pockets!!

  Not bypass the electronic versions of books imposed on us by all publishers. Well, where these digital books are suitable, these pop-books! these publish-miscarriages... They are for passive reading only, let it sometimes efficient, but more often and at the same time forced, willy-nilly, on the move, on the way...Without cultural formatting, with random fonts... Real text-mash for the usual run-of-the-mill stuff... slick books... literary garbage...

  But let's return to our printed books. The only choice for us, apart from the sewn books, would be the gluing them on PUR (elastic polyurethane adhesive that is much stronger than commonly used glue, but of course, second to our sewing).

  Alas, such advantages (inherent only in a large-circulation books, more often issued at the expense of publishing house, that in our days is far from being mass)- for our print run proved to be costly. Thanks to our sponsors, relatives of those who needed the Espering language!

  And for the time being this does not allow us to reduce the cost of our books to the price of... Eskimo ice cream or a stick of chewing gum, not to mention giving them away for free, what we dream about... And what we have been engaged in up to now, without thinking about either advertising or sales, distributing the cheapest printer or even typographical printouts of our materials, and even whole books. Here's how here on the site, only not printed.

  Point is that this our publication is intended for the next regular international meeting of active participants of the Espering project, for showing them to some "high-up mans", for the exhibition, and at the end- as a gift to the participants of the meeting and to our enthusiasts in absentia in different parts of the world (for them were supposed to be a printing of additional copies).

  Here is the task: how to publish all these books- in the same quality!- in a large edition size and everywhere, but with an active very cheap distribution among the population?
    The demand for them is real.
  As is the demand for universal language for all people without exception-
    and without drill, without schooling?!!-
        then WHY NOT!?! YES!!!

                        СarolKerol, Norway; Gayatri, India; Sherl, Germany

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