Espering- universal simple English without grammar  !

Espering- universal simpl Inglish vizaut gramatik  !

Carolyn Davidson with her Words You Never Heard
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OlgaLar: To be continued.
  "Espering- the simplest and easiest universal language without grammar based on extremely simplified English."
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We read 4 Espering's books in English

...from all 5, in pdf format for internet, and right here on the site (online) but with option to download from PDF-reader that will open automatically in all browsers.
And besides, 8 from all 10 Espering books
were published
in the printing house Perviy Tom
of Moscow publishing house Print Pro,
that on the Internet here is:

as detailed- a helluva epopee!..-
on the next page "Published Espering books" of our site.

  These books are from the new series
"Language skills for all !"
and all of them (and also while them are first, until someone will write a book on or about espering) are under the common name that only seems super-serious, especially on a facetious cover by the way also the same as a dress code for... a first date:

"Espering- the simplest and easiest universal
language without grammar
based on extremely simplified English"

  All these books are entertaining, sometimes funny, easy, effortless and simple even in their structure, not at all similar to accustomed textbooks, nor to conventional phrase books and dictionaries- these are, for example, actually dictionaries-notepads, enabling to complement them with new words and other records; there goes the third book already named "About Espering from Everywhere… for Curious Minds" and with about 230 witty drawings-illustrations!..

  Well, in each book the smallest of all languages in the world so-called "lesson" of Espering is placed, because it has only 9 rules, although you can do with... 4 basic ones.

  All these books are different from one another by theirs key colors and secondary names, also not boring subtitles, namely,
and with the links for reading and downloading the first 4 books
            (links will open in a new window.
  And by the way apropos of links on the spot to variants of same
books but with interactive Table of Contents (with instant page
transitions!)... Alas, in browsers you will now see these Tables
of Contents... as black and white, aligned and boring, even gothic-
frightening... And you can get them colorful(!) and more convenient (+++с тематическими отступами и прочим) by downloading these variants from your browser and left-clicking on the Bookmark icon on the side Panel of the program PDF-viewer of Foxit or Adobe (separate, no in browser!), and it may be others (or the click on same icon in the Home tab of theirs Menu):

* for a talkative reader
"Phrasebook for all !" ISBN: 978-5-9500608-7-8
  And here is the variant of this Phrasebook with interactive
      Table of Contents- very convenient!
The comprehensive English-Espering phrasebook
    "From doorstep to doorstep"- at home and abroad;
  packed with 2.100 words,
  with "Interview on the road" of a lot of traveling around the world enthusiasts of Espering,
  with micro-Dialogues for on the go that overheard on the streets or in elevators
  and Three half a hundred of needed in a journey words...

  And all 4 phrasebooks (in English and Russian for now, yes, and pocket) from the golden hands of the versatile master Sergey Popov, the graphic, designer and book layout virtuoso from Russia, masterfully overcoming whatever difficulties.

* for a reader-collector of words
"Dictionaries for all who need them." (in one book)
                                    ISBN: 978-5-9500608-1-6
  And here is the variant of these Dictionaries with interactive
      Table of Contents- very comfortably!
    with all words of English-Espering phrasebook and three independent English-Espering-English cross-dictionaries of 2.250 words each
    with funny but rare comments,
    but with the interpretation of features of the Espering-(any language) dictionary, based on the original alphabetic-vocabulary novellas in the spirit of, for example, Felix Krivin, the famous author of humorous-aphoristic miniatures, but not so miniature, and more unfolded (see them in 3rd book below "About Espering...")

* for a curious reader
"About Espering from everywhere... for curious minds"
  and even for... nosey people; ISBN: 978-5-9500608-8-5
    And here is the variant of this book with interactive
      Table of Contents- very comfortably!
    with 233 witty black-and-white drawings-illustrations of talented Italian woman artist and with her own inventive, graphical layout- why and all pages are 400;
  Here it the sheer expanse for a lot and lot of different entertaining material around the universal language:
    from brief notes and feedback on the language to funny short stories,
    original alphabetic-vocabulary novellas with humanized letters оf the alphabet,
    and interesting translations to cater to various tastes.
  From the "big" translations there was only one story left-
    "Mrs. Packletide's Tiger" by the british Hector Hugh Munro (Saki), with its little vocabulary;
    and "Telephone" by Korney Chukovsky, translation from Russian into Espering by Natalia Konotop- the free retelling for children not the smallest and adults capable of remaining kids despite their age...
    And with an unusual comment and simultaneously a vocabulary by a duet of Mrs. Konotop and Espering...

* for a reader with and without pockets
"Pocket Phrasebook for all !" ISBN: 978-5-9500608-2-3
  And here is the variant of this book with interactive
      Table of Contents- very comfortably!
that lacks only one or two dozen pages of comments, but it fits,
if not in any breast pocket, then in a regular pocket, for sure;
not to mention the pocket-briefcase, in which, incidentally, you can
wear all 5 books of Espering...

* for a future readers
while 3 already prepared (for a separate book) translations into Espering of tragicomic stories of the famous English veterinarian James Harriot... but this book is delayed until obtaining permission to publish from the copyright holder.
  Some other translations of his fascinating stories will be included in the colorfully illustrated series "The Four Seasons"- depending on the weather in the stories...


  And you can see full-color front covers to 4 of these books in a smaller format jpg (please read about these English Alphabet "brain-teasers" that are on the table and in the hands of the fellow- in the 3rd book "About Espering...", p. 109 )

  And in addition, the sample of the back cover with an annotation on the example of the third golden book "About Espering..."
  Well, apparently, a short and standard annotation, as with any other "language" book, is not to be limited in the case of Espering.
  By the way, in variants of all these books but with Tables of
Contents there are in theirs ends also both covers spread with
a spine!

      * cover of "Phrasebook for all !":
cover of  Phrasebook for all.

      * cover of "Dictionaries for all who need them":
cover of Dictionaries for all.

      * cover of "About Espering from everywhere...":
cover of About Espering...

      * cover of "Pocket Phrasebook for all":
cover of Pocket Phrasebook.

      * and here is the sample of the back cover with an annotation for the book "About Espering...":
back cover, and annotation for About Espering...

      * And such multi-color and convenient can be those interactive
Tables of Contents in variants of all Espering PDF-books
(in Nuance PDF Converter Enterprise or Professional 8.2):
Table of contents

Table of contents
We wish everyone an enjoyable time with Espering!
Good luck and success to all !

                        Caldara, Greece

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