Espering- universal simple English without grammar  !

Espering- universal simpl Inglish vizaut gramatik  !

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OlgaLar: To be continued.
  "Espering- the simplest and easiest universal language without grammar based on extremely simplified English."
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  Here is how Espering began...

  In 2011, a young linguist and keen traveler from Moscow who is currently working in France came up with the idea of Espering. He was immediately joined by a friend who was a teacher of English in Rouen, France. Soon, six more enthusiasts, friends and fellow travelers joined them from Moscow, Saint Petersburg and America...
  This core group of eight young specialists (one more linguist, one philologist, two more teachers of English, a teacher of Russian, and a software developer) are still, to varying degrees, committed to the original idea and the project that now involves many more people that have joined this enterprise.

  From the very beginning- not for the sake of anonymity or some sort of game or pretense (although some elements of a game, a kind of romantic "intrigue", did naturally develop)- everyone agreed that the universal language of Espering should be truly universal, belong to anyone and everyone, and be developed by all, which is exactly what has been happening.

  Therefore, these books are published under the name of Espering, the universal language. Everything in it is in the name of this language, hence in the name of those that already know about it and all those to whom it is being offered.

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